Low weight lose product series

Optimizing the ingredients of the magnet, Micro-structure and coating of the surface, our company has developed a series of low- weight- loss magnet , the weight loss of which can be lower than 1mg/cm² after the corrosion HAST test(130 ℃,2atm,95%humidity).

Meanwhile, we work with Institute of Nanotechnology in Zhejiang University to develop the protection technology for the surface of Nano coating. That technology has already been used to produce magnet with high corrosion-resistance.

Before the experiment
After the experiment

Low Temp. coefficient product series

Sheensen Technology applies itself into the development and stable production for Automotive motor magnet and Wind turbine magnet. The high-consistency and low-temp . coefficient magnet of multi-grade and multi-type are already in mass product. As for SHT series wind turbine magnet with big dimension in mass production, the magnetic-flux fluctuation range<±1%; 120℃ X 2h average heat demagnetization rate<1%;

As for 38UH-38AH series Automotive motor magnet in mass production, the temperature coefficient of Coercivity in the range of 20-150℃ of 38UH can be down to -0.47%/℃ and it can continue working over 2000hrs in the cold and hot shock environment of Temp ranging -40℃~160℃.

As for 38AH series product, Temperature Coefficient of remanence in the range of 20-150℃ can be down to -0.09%/℃, and the Max. working temp. can be up to 240℃.

The picture on the left is the micro-structure of 42SHT wind turbine magnet. The particle size is in high consistence, no neodymium rich phase agglomeration among particles, which lays a good foundation for the low temp. coefficient, low weight loss and high-consistence of the magnet.

HREE rare earth-free/HREE rare earth-low product series

We have already mass produced kinds of ( HREE) Heavy Rare earth-free/(HREE) Heavy Rare earth-low magnet; Through Optimizing the ingredient and Cast slice structure, the particle size of the magnet is refined and the micro-structure is also optimized, which decreases the reliance of (HREE) Heavy rare earth—Dy and Te and decreases the material cost for High grade NdFeB magnet . (HREE) Heavy rare earth-free series :N52/N54,50M,45H(48H),38SH(40SH) (HREE) Heavy rare earth-low series of grade 52M,50H42SH

Demagnetizing curve for the HREE Dysprosium magnet 48H for particle refined

Grain boundary diffusion product series

  • Grain boundary diffusion technology can reduce the use volume of the (HREE)Heavy rare earth so that it can save the (HREE) Heavy rare earth material effectively, and decreases the production cost of the magnet as well as enhance the comprehensive cost performance of the product.
  • Aiming at the magnets with same grade, compared with traditional process technology, grain boundary diffusion process technology uses less (HREE) Heavy rare earth and this technology can make the magnet with higher comprehensive cost performance.
  • With grain boundary diffusion process technology, super-high grade magnet can be made, like 52SH, 50UH, 45EH, and 40AH. HCJ of some magnet(kOe)+(BH)max(MGOe)>78.
Common magnet
Magnet with grain boundary diffusion